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Marietta Landscape Maintenance

A well maintained landscape in Marietta.

If you're tired of a lawn that doesn't reflect the beauty of your home, no matter how much time, effort, and money you spend on it, it's time to call the Marietta landscape maintenance team at Atlanta Professional Landscaping, L.L.C. Our team of landscaping professionals has more than 35 years of combined experience, bringing the talent, technique, and training required to keep your home looking fantastic all year long. We understand that when it comes to your home, it isn't enough for your property to look healthy and beautiful, it actually needs to be healthy and beautiful. That's why we don't just cut and prune, we work with you to develop a plan to keep the grass, trees, and flowers on your property in ideal condition, year after year. If your property is a bit plain and boring, we provide flower, tree, and shrub installation to liven it up a bit, and we are happy to work with you to develop the aesthetic that best reflects you and your home or business.

Our team of trusted experts is committed to hard work, reliable service, fair prices, and delivering a quality service with a smile and friendly demeanor. We believe in Southern hospitality, which is why we do our best to schedule our appointments so that we arrive at your property at the same time and same day of every week throughout the season. All of our staff members arrive in uniform and are properly trained and supervised, giving you the peace of mind you need when trusting us with your home. We are fully licensed and insured and have numerous references available upon your request.

When you need a helping hand to more fully develop the natural beauty of your home's exterior, it's time to call the Marietta landscape maintenance team you can trust. Choosing Atlanta Professional Landscaping, L.L.C. to care for your property means that you'll see quality results season after season, making your home the most well-maintained and attractive property on the block. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and let us help you develop your home's full potential.


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Lawn Services
A well maintained lawn in Marietta.

Lawn Mowing
All lawn areas shall be mowed as often as needed in order to maintain the proper height for optimum health and appearance (2” to 3 1/2”). Maintaining at this height will result in less stress on the grass and will help prevent undesirable weeds and crabgrass from developing.

String Trimming
After each weekly mowing a string trimmer will used on all bed edges, tree circles, walkways, and driveways to remove any grass overgrowth and provide a clean balanced look and enhance your properties overall appearance. * Service Period – This service is based on an average of 32 cuts per season.

Service Day
We create a daily schedule in the spring and try to keep up with it throughout the growing season, (weather permitting). So that means we will be on your property on the same day and roughly the same time each and every week during the season.

Lawn Fertilization
A Marietta lawn in need of fertilization

All lawns will be fertilized (5) times annually with a slow release granular fertilizer containing micro-nutrients which help develop healthy foliage, deep rooting and disease tolerant plants. Our fertilization program also includes (2) other applications that are beneficial to the health of your lawn. All the applications are explained below.

• Pre-Emergent (March/April) – fertilizer with a pre-emergent herbicide geared toward crabgrass and annual grass control.

• Weed n Feed #1 (May/June) – fertilizer with a broadleaf weed herbicide to provide partial weed control.

• Weed n Feed #2 (July/August) – fertilizer with balanced micro-nutrient package.

• Weed n Feed #3 (Sept/Oct) – fertilizer with balanced micro-nutrient package.

• Winterizer (Oct/Nov) – fertilizer with slower than usual release of nutrients.


Extra Applications / Services
• Grub Control (Summer) – helps decrease root damage from grubs and reduces available food supply for foraging animals.

• Lime (Spring or Fall) – raises the soil pH level enabling grass roots to more efficiently utilize nutrients and promoting bacterial breakdown of thatch.

• Core Aeration (Fall) – aids in the break down of clay soils, and also allows for air and nutrients to penetrate into the root zone. In turn this will provide stronger and healthier roots, providing a thicker, greener lawn.


Spring Grounds Clean-up
A lawn whose leaves and debris has been removed.

• Removal of leaves and debris throughout entire property.

• Post-emergent herbicide application and/ or manual weed control as needed.


Edging of Plant Beds
A lawn that has had edging down around its plant beds.

All existing plant beds and tree circles will be re-edged in order to define a clean border between lawn and bed spaces.


Driveway & Walkway Edging
View of a driveway that has had edging done.

Removal of any grass overgrowth from driveways and walkways, providing a clean balanced look and to enhance your properties overall appearance. (only available for walkways and driveways made of concrete and/ or brick pavers)


Tree & Shrub Fertilization
View of a tree in need of fertilization.

All trees and shrubs will be fertilized in the spring with a slow release granular fertilizer containing micro-nutrients to develop healthy foliage, deep rooting and disease tolerant plants.


Mulching of Plant Beds
View of a freshly multched plant bed.

• Bark (Premium Double Ground) - applied to all planting beds to maintain a 2" coverage. *

• Mushroom Compost - applied to all annual/perennial beds to maintain a 2" coverage.


Annual Flower Installation
View of newly installed flowers.

• APL will professionally design, select and install annual flowers in the areas of greatest impact on your property.

• Flowers will be fertilized with a slow release fertilizer to promote growth and enhance the visual effect through the growing season.

• Deer/ or Rodent repellant can be applied for an additional cost upon request. The (non toxic) repellant is a liquid that is applied directly to the flower and the foliage in an effort to reduce any damage to your investment.

• We also offer perennial designs and installations.


Tree & Shrub Pruning
Trees and shrubs that have been pruned.

As indicated by ANLA nursery standards, all evergreen and deciduous trees/shrubs will be pruned, sheared, and or thinned in order to promote and develop a well balanced, neat sturdy plant.


Fall Grounds Clean-up
A home in need of a fall grounds clean-up.

• Removal of leaves and debris throughout entire property.

• Remove spent annual flowers.

• Cut back spent perennial growth.


Seasonal Services
A very well maintained and groomed lawn in Marietta.

The seasonal program offers a solution for our clients who do not have a need for a weekly maintenance program. A specially trained crew directed by a horticulturist will perform all the seasonal service functions which are as follows:

• Deep hand pruning
• Insect and disease control
• Ground cover control e.g. ivy, vinca
• Fertilization of plant material
• Weed control
• Hand weeding
• Trenching of all bedlines
• General landscape cleanup

We recommend this service two to three times per year.


Commercial Services
A very well maintained landscape outside of Churches' Chicken

The needs of your business locations are as unique as your business. Our family of experts takes the time to discuss ideas for best improving the appearance and safety of your commercial property.

Whether you are starting from scratch at a new facility or refitting an existing property, you can depend on Atlanta Professional Landscaping.


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