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An Easy Guide to Help with your Front Yard Landscaping

Beautifying your lawn and making it appealing is essential for your home. However, choosing where to begin can be difficult, especially when you haven't done it before. If you are a beginner or new to landscaping or want a few fresh ideas and tips to provide your curb or front lawn a beautiful outlook, then keep reading:

Start with a plan

If you were hiring a professional landscape designer, their first move would be to draw up a complete survey of your house, including the backyard and the front lawn. You can do the same by drawing a bird’s eye view of your property and taking notes of where everything is located, like the buildings, driveways, fences, trees, etc.

Additionally, the plan should show the location of your septic system, well, and other buried utilities. Also, take note of what direction your sunlight and shade are.

Watering system

How the plants you use for your landscape get water supply is essential, so choosing the kind of water system that best suits your needs and specification is the best way to go. Most people opt for a sprinkler watering system with a timer. That way, you don't have to worry about whether your lawn is getting the water it needs.

If you prefer a more active and involved approach, you can use the manual hosing system to do the watering yourself.

Best planting time

Every plant has a time and season in which it can be planted. Therefore, when landscaping, you need to consider what kind of plants and when they should be planted. When choosing plants, always ensure to follow the guidelines for time, when, and how you should do the planting.

Landscape design

This is the point where things get real and fun. Coming up with a landscape design can be very stressful and exhausting. You can get many ideas online, but if you need a more detailed and professional look, you should contact a professional landscape designer, as they would know from experience how and what would work best for you.

Atlanta Professional Landscaping

Getting yourself acquainted with how landscaping designs will help you give your front lawn that beautiful and appealing look.

If you need help getting started with your landscape, we can help set you up by looking at and assessing your property to determine what design best suits your property and give you a customized design tailored to your need and plan. We also offer landscape maintenance services to ensure your front yard thrives all year round. Get that beautiful yard today.


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