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Backyard Entertainment Landscaping Tips

Everyone loves a backyard they can hang out in with friends and family. And now that summer is here, it’s time to take full advantage of the favorable weather by creating an entertainment spot in your backyard.

“That will cost a lot,” you may think. Not necessarily. It’s all about choosing the right landscaping elements, designs, and plants.

These landscaping tips will help you make the most of your backyard this summer.

Screen off your yard with plants

If your next-door neighbors are so close they can see everything going on in your yard, you can block their view with a fence made with plants.

You can plant small trees and tall shrubs around your home to create the privacy you want.

Add a dining area

You don’t always have to dine indoors. When the weather permits, you can enjoy mealtimes with friends and family in the backyard. Depending on your taste and budget, your backyard dining area can be grandiose or simple.

You can install an elaborate outdoor kitchen complete with dishwashers, ovens, and other accessories. Alternatively, you can carve out an area with paving stones or concrete slabs and complete it with tables, chairs, and a nearby grill.

Elevate your lawn

You can spice up your flat backyard by elevating it. It’s a simple but dramatic makeover that can make your boring backyard more interesting and functional.

Create a two-level lawn, and place a few chairs in the sitting area. You can plant tall tropical plants to provide privacy and a calming effect.

Add a water feature

Summer is here already! What better way to cool off our tired bodies and soothe the skin than by taking dips in the swimming pool. Outdoor pools are a great option, particularly during the summer.

Even if that is not an option, you can go for a waterfall that attracts beautiful birds. A small fish pond or rock garden are also excellent alternatives that are guaranteed to give a calming vibe to your backyard.

Create an outdoor area for kids

While transforming your backyard into a great entertainment spot, don’t leave your kids out for the excitement. Choose the right tree and build a treehouse - a great play area for kids.

Don’t have a tree in your home? A raised platform with frames for safety, slides, ropes, and a ladder will do just fine. A weather-proof sandbox is also a sure way to fascinate your kids.

Backyards are where all the never-to-forget memories are forged. Here at Atlanta Landscaping, we can help you create a backyard perfect for entertainment and memory-making. Request a quote today to get started.


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