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Material Options for Backyard Patio

There are several types of materials used for patio designs. How they are used and how well they are installed is what either makes for an excellent or terrible patio.

Certain factors influence the choice of patio materials, such as the patio's location, the environment's climate, the cost of materials and installation, and the size of the patio.

Before you choose a patio material, let’s walk you through some of the options.


Brick patios are attractive and would give your home a colonial look. However, they are challenging to maintain. Brick patios absorb moisture and hence are not suitable for a humid environment.

When frozen, brick cracks and the patio would need to be replaced, which is quite expensive. Also, moisture in shaded areas with less traffic breeds moss which could become a safety hazard.


Concrete is easily one of the most popular patio materials because of its availability, ease of installation, and durability. However, concrete patios can be very dull and do little for the aesthetic value of your home.

Although concrete is cheap and easy to install, keeping its appearance requires regular maintenance, such as reapplying its surface to maintain its smoothness and color and to cover up cracks. However, concrete patios are best for frost-free regions.


Paver patios are also quite popular.

They are produced in different shapes, sizes, and colors and are excellent for creating beautiful patterns and modern patio designs. Pavers are made to the same thickness and are easy to install.

Pavers fit together like puzzle pieces independently and do not require mortar to install.

Natural stone

Natural stone gives your patio a more natural appearance, and there are different types of natural stones such as slate, quartzite, limestone, sandstone, flagstone, and bluestone.

Natural stone patio materials are usually made in varying thicknesses, making them difficult to install and more expensive than the others. A lot of work goes into ensuring that all patio areas are level; however, they are durable.


Tiles produce a more modern patio look. However, unglazed tile surfaces are best for patios because they are less slippery when wet.

You could get porcelain, quarry, or terracotta tiles for your patio. They are durable and can withstand different weather conditions. Tile surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. They can be coated or sealed to prevent wear or stains.

Mixed materials

Consider using mixed materials if you’re opting for a more creative and visually appealing patio. Mixed materials combine patio materials, including pavers, tiles, flagstone, and others.

However, installation should be properly planned and not random so that the patio design is beautiful, practical, and safe. An excellent patio is one that combines the best elements of aesthetics and practicality.

If you’ve decided on the patio material you want, it’s best to get professional services to handle the installation. There are several out there, but few do it better than Atlanta Professional Landscaping. Get your free quote now.


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