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The Best Outdoor Kitchen Design for Atlanta Homeowners

Kitchen designs serve more than just aesthetic purposes. 

While the sight of an outdoor culinary space surrounded by nature's vibrant colors is truly delightful, the idea of an outdoor kitchen creates several exciting possibilities- but only with the right design. Here are some tips and considerations for when designing your Atlanta outdoor kitchen:

Assessing the outdoor space

One of the most important considerations is the overall outdoor space. It goes beyond simply cordoning off an area to incorporate the grills and dining area. 

Designing a kitchen the right way is about assessing the immediate environment to develop a layout that complements the landscape without compromising functionality.

Understanding the purpose of your outdoor kitchen

People have varying needs, which translate to varying purposes for their outdoor kitchen. These needs tend to fall under the dining area-cooking space range, with these considerations to be had:

Layout and zoning

Once you know what activities will take place in the outdoor kitchen, you can identify the different work zones, such as a cooking zone, a grilling zone, a prep zone, and a serving zone.

The goal is to create a smooth and efficient workflow, and each work zone should be arranged in a way that makes sense and allows you to move easily from one zone to another.

Cooking areas 

Cooking zones should ideally be close to the stove and oven, while the grilling zone should be near the grill. 

Also, you can designate a prep area near the refrigerator and sink. Finally, you can have the serving zone close to the dining area. The prep zone should be near the sink and refrigerator, and the serving zone should be near the dining area.

Storage solutions

You’ll require sufficient storage space in your outdoor kitchen, which can include cabinets, drawers, and shelves.

With parts of Atlanta enjoying several months of sunshine annually, you may have to install a roof or awning to protect it from the elements.

Plumbing and installation considerations

Your outdoor kitchen will require feeder channels for running water and electricity, so factor this into your design plans.

A plumber can help you install an outside sink, along with a waste pipe, water feed, and the appropriate connections. If you’re bringing in an electric BBQ, outdoor fridge, wired-in lighting, or similar, you’ll need to power feeder channels to the right location based on the layout.

Enjoy a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen in Atlanta

An outdoor kitchen is a significant investment for Atlanta homeowners, and it’s important to ensure that all aspects, including weather considerations, are assessed before you begin all installations. Contact us for advice on how to design your outdoor kitchen in the best possible way. 


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