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The Best Tips for Growing Grass in the Fall

Despite the dryness and contrary to what you might think, fall is one of the best times to grow grass. Surprising, isn't it? If you get it right, you can grow various plants and have your lawn looking just as great in the fall as it does in the summer. For a fresh, green lawn in the fall, adhere to the following tips:

Prepare the space

To begin with, you should eliminate any wood, stones, or debris from the planting space. A rake would be helpful to clear the patch of land. Afterward, you should make neat rows in the soil with a spade. If the ground is particularly hard, as it is wont to be in the fall, till the soil to break up the lumps.

Subsequently, you should apply a layer of seeding soil, smoothing it out with a rake. Ensure that the soil layer is at least 3 inches thick to enable the seedlings to grow properly.

You can also top up the seeding soil layer with some fertilizer for better results.

Plant and cover the seeds adequately

If you have a small lawn, you can spread the seeds evenly across the space. For larger areas, a hand-held spreader is ideal. Ensure to space out the seedlings to avoid having them compete for space and nutrients. Covering the seedlings involves dragging the soil bed such that they are covered in about one-fourth of an inch of soil. This is an essential tip to grow grass successfully in the fall. Start fertilizer and mulch are also ideal for keeping the seeds moist between waterings.

Go deep

It's not enough to simply scatter the seeds on the surface and expect them to germinate. That way, they're exposed to birds and critters that can come along and gobble them up.

It's important for your seeds to get as much soil as possible, so don't be afraid to get them deep.

Limit foot traffic

The turf is generally resilient even when the germinated seeds are only just showing a bit of green. So, it can handle a few footprints now and then without much hassle.

However, trampling the turf after planting your seedlings in the fall is a quick way to kill and ruin the grass. If your kids or pets have to play around, limit their movements by restricting access to the young turf. Be a bit patient, as it'll grow out quicker than you think. Then, your kids can run all over it for as long as they like.

Don't neglect regular watering

A quick way to ruin your grass-cultivation efforts in the fall is to neglect to water the turf.

Ensure that the grass seed bed is kept moist to boost germination and keep the roots moist. Water frequently and lightly, a minimum of once per day, and keep up this activity until the grass has grown to a height of two inches.

These tips are necessary to grow grass and keep the turf in prime condition throughout the fall. So, don't let anyone talk you out of growing grass now. If you need professional help, Atlanta Landscaping can get the job done. Request a quote now to get started.


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