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Ways We Can Help With Spring Cleanup

For many people, spring is the best time of year. It lies between the chill and freeze of winter and the start of the sweltering summer months. As such, it's just perfect.

It's also that time of year when you're inclined to do some serious yard cleaning. After three months of shoveling tons of snow from your yard, it's very likely that it won't look the same.

As a top provider of landscaping services, here's how we can help you handle spring cleanup.

Yard Cleanup

If you want your yard to look as brilliant as it did in the summer months, then the first step to overcoming the wintry log is to clean up the surroundings. The aftermath of winter often leaves debris, fallen leaves, broken branches, dead grass, and other litter.

Cleaning up the surroundings will discourage mold and bacteria growth. In addition, your lawns, outdoor oasis, and other elements of the hardscape will be reinvigorated and once again shine through.

To avoid having the real beauty in your yard hidden behind lots of junk, you must first clear away the blockade veneer.

Using pre-emergent herbicide

The softscape is often the most vulnerable part of your landscape after prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions. So, one of the first things to consider is the best way to rejuvenate it.

A great option is to apply a pre-emergent herbicide. Now, unlike regular herbicides, this one does not eliminate existing weeds. Instead, it stops them from taking root at all.

As a homeowner looking to grow new plants to decorate your landscape, this is an excellent way to cut down on the need for herbicides later on.

Clean up flower beds

To prepare the softscape for the new planting season, you have to clean up the flower beds.

When raking up leaves, twigs, and plant debris, be sure to remove anything that may be hidden under the snow.

In addition to making your property look neat and clean, it will also reduce the chances of them being affected by pests and diseases.

However, to perform this task perfectly, you need a good landscaper's services, professionalism, and technical know-how.

Planting and mulching

Before planting, you'll want to test the soil for nutrient content and pH level. This way, you'll know exactly what the soil needs and the nutrients to be added.

Spring is the time for you to check for bare spots in your lawns and reseed them. Afterward, you'll add compost and mulch to ensure the protection of the new plants.

Of course, most of these activities are best done professionally. Doing it yourself isn't ideal, as it's easy to miss out on several important things.

That’s why Atlanta Professional Landscaping exists - we provide you with the full range of professional landscape maintenance services so you can get your outdoors looking like a dreamland, just in time for summer. Let’s know how we can help today.


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