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Top 3 Reasons for Proper Home Irrigation

Several times, homeowners have asked us whether a proper home irrigation system is worth the investment. And we've left no room for ambiguity in our responses.

Brown grasses and sickly-looking lawns are some of the signs it's time to consider a home irrigation system. And that's not the only reason. Proper home irrigation offers many benefits you can't hope to get with a manual watering system. 

And the good thing is, irrigation systems are no more a luxury. They're very affordable and even save costs over time.

Here are the top three reasons for proper home irrigation!

#1. Gives You a Great Looking Lawn

If your lawn is filled with dead grasses and bald spots and looks unsightly, it can do with a home irrigation system that provides consistent watering and improve the overall look of the lawn. Proper home irrigation ensures that your yard gets water at specific times, which is especially beneficial during the summer when the heat is at its highest and could damage your lawn.

Thanks to manual watering, underwatering and overwatering are some of the main causes of damaged landscapes. With proper home irrigation, you can be confident that every part of your landscape receives the right water quantity for healthy growth, giving your lawn an even color and consistency.

One of the main concerns many homeowners have about irrigation systems is that the bulky appearance of the sprinkler heads put a dent in the beautiful appearance of their lawn. With modern irrigation systems, you have nothing to worry about as they only rise when watering and flush with the surface of your lawn when not in use.


#2. Helps You Save Time & Energy

Many times, you've forgotten to water your lawn because you had to rush out to work or do other things. The truth is many people hardly have enough time to fit lawn watering into their schedule, which is a recipe for an unhealthy lawn. With proper home irrigation, there's one less thing on your plate to worry about, ensuring that your lawn gets adequate watering at the optimal times.

If you travel frequently, then you and your lawn can benefit from a good irrigation system, which can be programmed to start and stop watering at specific times without the need for your presence. Now you can go for days without having to worry about the health of your lawn.

#3. Saves Money & Increases the Value of Your Home

Aesthetics and convenience are not the only reasons you want proper irrigation for your home. It saves money and increases your home's value too! While the initial installation of an irrigation system may be expensive, you can expect to save more in the long run. 

Aside from requiring little to no maintenance, home irrigation cuts the guesswork and wastefulness out of watering, ensuring that you use less water. The result is that you receive a lower water bill at the end of the month. 

Beyond saving on water bills, proper irrigation gives a curb appeal that adds to your home's value. And whenever you decide to put your house on the market, you can be sure to sell it for much higher.

If you're interested in a professional home irrigation system in and around Atlanta, talk to the experts at Atlanta Professional Landscaping, LLC. We'll evaluate your needs and help you design and install a system that suits your climate, slopes, and the needs of your plants for a healthy, colorful, and beautiful lawn. Get a free estimate today!

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