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Top 5 Privacy Landscaping Ideas

Your backyard should be a place of solace, somewhere you can retire and relax after a good day’s job or on weekends and holidays. No matter how nice or friendly your neighbors may be, you certainly wouldn’t want them looking in or peering into your yard every time, especially when you want to be alone for peace.

Therefore, you need to consider some privacy landscaping to give you the necessary privacy. This article will outline some ideas you should consider.

Incorporate a retaining wall

A retaining wall cannot only serve as a barrier to keep your backyard from dirt and debris, but it can create a stylish enclosure making it the perfect idea for giving you all the privacy you and your family need.

When incorporating a retaining wall, try putting up some raised flower beds and a water fountain on the wall to create that unique and beautiful look for your backyard.

Layer your plants and trees

If you love various colors from different plants instead of the monolithic array of a particular species, then plant layering is for you.

Instead of having one species of flower and plants, you can layer them with different species creating a burst of colors that can serve as both ornaments and a great privacy tool for your lawn and backyard.

Use a privacy screen

If you have a small portion in your backyard or lawn that you need to keep enclosed from prying eyes, consider using privacy screens as they are perfect for giving you privacy in a small parameter. However, wherever you use these privacy screens, plant some flowers or shrubs around to blend them into the landscape.

Install a pergola

A pergola is an outdoor structure that can be installed over your patio to offer a great deal of privacy. After installing pergolas, use plants in a container around it to conceal all the activity underneath it. You can use wood slabs to cover the open sides to help cover the areas you prefer, enclosed rather than opened.


Hang curtains on your pergola to control access to your activities on your patio. If you have been trying to have a romantic and intimate time or dinner with your significant other and worry about privacy, then try hanging curtains to give you some time alone without anyone snooping or knowing what is happening in and around your deck or patio.

These curtains can be installed right from the top of the pergola or halfway, just enough to keep your activity private.

Helping you create long-lasting memories in perfect seclusion

As one of Atlanta’s foremost landscaping companies, we can help create the perfect outdoor space where you can make wonderful, never-to-forget memories with your loved ones. Contact us today, and let’s tell you how we can help.


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