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What Treatments are Best in the Spring for Your Lawn

With the arrival of spring comes the necessity for some critical lawn care. Maintaining a beautiful, vibrant lawn year-round begins with proper lawn care in the springtime.

You may attain your perfect lawn by following the simple steps outlined in this article.

Taking care of your lawn requires some tender loving care, some of which are highlighted below:

Aerate your lawn

You may have to aerate your lawn if you notice that the soil is compacted/clumped together.

If many people consistently tread all over your lawn, it can lead to the earth being compacted.

When the soil is compacted, air, water, and other essential nutrients will not be able to reach the roots of the grass effectively.

You should aerate your soil in the spring instead of during the fall, especially if your soil is a bit clayey.

There are many benefits of soil aeration. When many small holes are created in the soil, it makes it easier for water, air, and essential nutrients to enter the roots of the plants via the tiny holes created in the soil.

Adjust and service your lawn mower's engine

When it comes to mower maintenance, it's more than just sharpening or, in some instances, changing the blade. Some things such as the oil and spark plug may need to be replaced.

You also have to ensure that the gas tank is filled adequately.

Rake your lawn frequently

It's all about starting over with a clean slate by raking frequently. When it comes to spring, raking isn't only a seasonal activity.

You need to rake frequently to clean up fallen leaves, general debris, and dead grass. Ensure that your soil is dry before raking. Healthy grass can be yanked out if the ground is too wet.

Pre-emergent herbicides should be used when necessary

If you want a lawn independent of weed growth, spring lawn maintenance should include weed prevention and healthy grass growth. This method does not work on all kinds of weeds in the garden.

Annual weeds are treated with pre-emergence weedkillers, while perennial weeds are treated with post-emergence herbicides.

One of the most common weeds in Atlanta is Crabgrass. To eliminate crabgrass, you'll presumably need to employ both of these strategies at the same time. Crabgrass invades lawns when the temperature reaches 60 - 70 degrees for several days each spring.

Before the appearance of young weed plants, herbicides are used to eliminate them totally.

Herbicides possess chemical obstacles that form on the soil surface to help stop seeds from sprouting roots and shoots.

Make sure the grass is well fed

You should fertilize your lawn as soon as you can after a long, hard winter. All of this boils down to what kind of fertilizer you use. The major types of fertilizers are organic and synthetic.

Natural organic fertilizers can now be used in place of refined chemicals in the soil. The use of natural fertilizers reduces the risk of runoff affecting which can cause environmental pollution.

Applying rapid-release fertilizer in early springtime will provide a significant increase in nutrients to encourage recuperation from the wintertime and assist maintain a robust, healthy turfgrass in future months.

Your lawn may turn green after a couple of days, when the treatment is applied. Or, if you would not want to invest a lot of money on your lawn this season, get a mixture of quick and slow-release fertilizers.

Contact us at Atlanta Professional Landscaping for a lawn that looks great this spring and all year round!


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